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Many parents feel alone, concerned, panicked, and left without a voice over the current situation in our schools.  Our parental rights and voices are rapidly being eroded and we’re concerned for our children.  We feel powerless as we’re forced to sign enrollment and community contracts that give schools unilateral power to change or introduce anything, at any time (including academics, curriculum, collection and use of our children’s data, medical requirements etc.).

However, there are MANY other parents who feel the same way… not only at your child’s school but also throughout Connecticut at other private and public schools.  We CAN and ARE making a difference, but we need you!



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your enrollment contract


Parental rights and choice are critical and at the same time School Administrators must run successful schools and businesses while protecting the school population.  We believe a balance can be achieved, however this year’s updated enrollment and community contracts required to attend school are concerning.  They may have been drafted to give as much authority to the school as possible, but parents obviously want to maintain their parental rights and family’s freedoms.

In summary: These contracts are requiring parents to subordinate their parental control over their children to the school which remove parental rights and medical choice.


We recognize that schools are charged with safeguarding health at school including by slowing the spread of COVID.  However, scientific evidence shows children are: 1) Not at risk (99.97% recovery rate) 2) Not vectors/sources for spreading. These statistics as well as associated health risks with the COVID vaccine  do not warrant this level of control. 

Did YOUR enrollment contract :


#1 – Give Unilateral power

Give the school unilateral power to change or introduce anything, at any time?

#2 – Remove Your parental rights

Give no advance notice of proposed changes, nor provides prior parental review which removes your parental rights, control, and freedom of choice?

#3 – Allow for Segregation & discrimination

Allow for segregation and discrimination in your school and against your children?

#4 – Violate Medical privacy

Violate your child’s medical privacy?